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its paid
Comment from : xlphie

Jeff Gabatin
this website is not free anymore.. sad :(
Comment from : Jeff Gabatin

This is a PAID service, NOT a FREE one... this video is bullshit
Comment from : SeniorRouge

mulla vaseem akram
its asking for paymment, but you ..
Comment from : mulla vaseem akram

mulla vaseem akram
tvdb says- Due to the high cost of severs and bandwidths, our site offers paid service for all members.
Comment from : mulla vaseem akram

Comment from : C.J.PLAYZMC

Off Spanky
Don't say "websites" when you only have 1 website bud
Comment from : Off Spanky

Junior Farias
U have to pay now
Comment from : Junior Farias

Katherine Alvarenga
now u have to pay for it
Comment from : Katherine Alvarenga

Sourav Borah
Its a paid service asshole
Comment from : Sourav Borah

I am Alexa Flint
They are making people pay now!
Comment from : I am Alexa Flint

Natasha Cooper
the site is not free you have to pay
Comment from : Natasha Cooper

Janat Khatoon
You have to pay for this now
Comment from : Janat Khatoon

Yeehaw partner
Comment from : xXBlitz

Not frre anymore
Comment from : abdelilah

Lydia Bekker
Very sad to see that this is false advertising.  It is free for about a week and then they want to charge you. Very disappointed
Comment from : Lydia Bekker

Theresa Brown
sadly the site is no longer free its subscription only. it was a great site while I was able to use it.
Comment from : Theresa Brown

Shemsa Tuyishimire
Its not free anymore
Comment from : Shemsa Tuyishimire

Kaelyn Colbert
Now they make you have to pay for it
Comment from : Kaelyn Colbert

Moses Ace Crawford
This site charges. I like how he forgot to mention that.
Comment from : Moses Ace Crawford

This site is no longer free, subscription only.
Comment from : Kofe111

Does it have an subtitle?
Comment from : Jem

Lydia Bekker
Hi, why do we have to sign it?  In your video you never mentioned that you have to sign in.  Is it safe
Comment from : Lydia Bekker

Norma Isabel Barúa Lanchippa
Sorry to say that it was such a pain to suscribe (which I couldn't) that I just decided to quit this site.
Comment from : Norma Isabel Barúa Lanchippa

Abdurrahim Mohamed
Yo thank you so so much
Comment from : Abdurrahim Mohamed

kk doc
Every time I try to watch Leah remini it makes me sign in. Why
Comment from : kk doc

Faustino L
The website is OFFLINE
Comment from : Faustino L

A Pickle
Comment from : A Pickle

Theresa Brown
Sorry to say this I went to the site you recommended and clicked on the show I wanted to watch and it asked me to sign in to be honest I refuse to sign in so couldn't watch any of the content so rather disappointed with that website.
Comment from : Theresa Brown

Ash KarDash
They don’t even have mtv shows
Comment from : Ash KarDash

Lopi Tapsa
Comment from : Lopi Tapsa

Jenny Rides
Where can i watch 13 reasons why
Comment from : Jenny Rides

sarah knight
does it work on amazon firestick
Comment from : sarah knight

Nice video! I just tried it and it is not playing any shows. Is it down? Did it crash? Thanks
Comment from : Gospel

princess jody
I tried this on my tablet but when i click to watch a movie its saying sorry not working etc. I even tried it for some other tv series and movies there but its still saying the same thing. Would have been a good site to watch movies on if it was working for me.
Comment from : princess jody

lol you wrote all these comments.
Comment from : PhoenixIsBroken

Olivia McClanahan
Thank you showing me free tv shows
Comment from : Olivia McClanahan

DiamondMaster5 S2
i wanna watch 24 season 5 bro
Comment from : DiamondMaster5 S2

Jewel Tabitha15
Hey, can I watch the whole series of sherlock holmes here? I'm really desperate😢😢😢😢😢
Comment from : Jewel Tabitha15

Adam Gilmore
No longer works I can only download
Comment from : Adam Gilmore

Ben W
Very good - and if you dig deeper than the first page (top tv shows or something) you can search A to Z for anything. I was really impressed at the time and effort that has gone into this, there wasn't one show I like that I couldn't find, in full, every series.

A lot of these I own on DVD and other subscriptions anyway so its nice to be able to just watch them wherever I am, plus my laptop has no DVD drive so this is great for me.

Big thanks for sharing this

Comment from : Ben W

Gracie Ambrósio
If it has no ads, why do they upload TV shows for free? That's weird
Comment from : Gracie Ambrósio

Mark Dao
Holy cow! This freaking works! Thanks buddy 🤗
Comment from : Mark Dao

Gloria Fredsall
I just put it on my tablet and I love it I can watch all kinds of things and it is really really free can’t believe it I don’t have to bend over backwards or no dam hoops to join ty very much good work please let me know any more that are free
Comment from : Gloria Fredsall

fernando silva
I'm Brazilian, thank you for recommending me to this site.
Comment from : fernando silva

thank you so much for the recommendation! Game of thrones is here and I needed a site for it
Comment from : Vespereer

Melai M
But it say you have to create an accnt
Comment from : Melai M

o F
It's not letting me create an account I've put in a username 4 times now and it just keeps telling me to put username
Comment from : o F

Alice Niangboi
It doesn't work
Comment from : Alice Niangboi

Asiana Harrison
Amazing I love it thx you I'm subbing to u
Comment from : Asiana Harrison

Ricky Nix
Thanks so much 🙏
Comment from : Ricky Nix

Tanja 5
cool site but its not safe
Comment from : Tanja 5

Tim E?
"Top Best FREE Websites" That implise you have more than the one site but you only showed me one site.Thanks much for the waste of time , site is crap also.
Comment from : Tim E?

Daisy V
Umm thanks for the info. But you should change your title to WEBSITE not WEBSITES as you are only offering one option .
Comment from : Daisy V

Alex Martinez
Comment from : Alex Martinez

It's working but the episodes are on very low quality
Comment from : omereli10

Gacha Swirl
Thanks for uploading this helped me alot
Comment from : Gacha Swirl

Nigga DGAF
This thing actually worked. Thanks 👍
Comment from : Nigga DGAF

Mr BigBalls
man, you are a legend...Much obliged
Comment from : Mr BigBalls

Homie this website is unreal, it supports Chromecast and all. Thanks man this helps a lot
Comment from : JJ

Gracie Mosko
I'm 15 and smarter than you idiots. This is illegal. It's copywrited tv shows and with no ads or paying links
Comment from : Gracie Mosko

Wow I have to comment again just want to thank you hands down the most hassle free no annoying adds and very simple website thank you so much
Comment from : DadeCounty305boiTv

Just earned a sub thank you brother
Comment from : DadeCounty305boiTv

Loves Life
Awesome thanks brother👍👍
Comment from : Loves Life

why there are no subtitles ???
Comment from : FARHAN JAVED

jarrod eksteen
Good site for tv shows thank bro great video!
Comment from : jarrod eksteen

Dufy Du1
NOW THIS IS THE SAUCE 💯 SUPER QUICK streaming no buffering
Comment from : Dufy Du1

hey bro i thought i wanted this site but i dont anymore how do i get out of this im trying to get to my profile and it wont allow me
Comment from : Slikbill

Edward Lee
what is this real life you speak of at the beginning
Comment from : Edward Lee

Krishan Krishika
by the way thank you
Comment from : Krishan Krishika

Edith Fisher
Is there a subscription for this? Or is it free?
Comment from : Edith Fisher

Joseph Prum
Thank you for sharing the knowledge. Wonderful video. Loving it.
Comment from : Joseph Prum

ralph vazquez
very nice fast and simple.thanks
Comment from : ralph vazquez

Ahmed Ahmed
Thank you brother can you talking about m3u strong please i need it
Comment from : Ahmed Ahmed

Tanmoy Roy
Nice one...thanks mate.
Comment from : Tanmoy Roy

Glen Doyle
Looks very good. Thanks
Comment from : Glen Doyle

tomas kin
Yes, tvdb.cc free all
Comment from : tomas kin

Keep those streams rocking.
Comment from : KaraokeDuov2

Great streaming for online thanks for the review.
Comment from : jaymac0929

Comment from : iDontEvenKnow

Johnny A
Much obliged!
Comment from : Johnny A

Bob Amos
Great site. I have it on my browser on my Fire TV Stick and it works perfectly.. Thanks for the heads up.
Comment from : Bob Amos

Pete S
Thanks dude! Amazing Site. ☺👍
Comment from : Pete S

Ignacio Medina
Do you have one for movies please thanks🤝
Comment from : Ignacio Medina

Pamela Robinson
Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Pamela Robinson

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