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What other videos do you want me to shoot in 2019? :)
Comment from : BoundaryLess

Ravi Karthikeyan
Your channel is very useful
Comment from : Ravi Karthikeyan

Dushan Indunil
I am working in factory in Europe cause of that they have support for me visa processing.
But I am engineering graduate guy and I have applied for jobs and they are saying I have much qualifications but they can't give me job , because I don't have work permit ,
What are the solutions ?

Comment from : Dushan Indunil

Reagan Jogu
Great work madam !! I am learning german in india, planning to move austria in 3-4 months, request you to let me know the IT ( software ) job market in austria. Hope my german skills would help me in getting the job.
Comment from : Reagan Jogu

I search job your country you help me

Ovi Ovi
Beautiful news
Comment from : Ovi Ovi

Rath Morya
Im Bhagirath Maurya know me Furnace operator jobs Libya iron and steel co. and Before saudi arabia water treatment plant Operatar jobs need me any Operatar jobs ya any jobs please help me give me visa
Comment from : Rath Morya

Juan  Plazas
good morning, I have seen your videos and I found them really interesting. My profession is in the white list, I am International Business Administrator from Colombia and I am interested to find a job in Austria, what companies do you recommend me or what job positions?? I have only my 1-year internship work experience. I speak B1 German level. Thank you
Comment from : Juan Plazas

Sasuke Uchiha
Country : Albania
Degree : Bachelor

Any chance ?

Comment from : Sasuke Uchiha

Hi, How can I Talk to you on this topics...
Comment from : Deep

Arsh Noor
Hy m noor .my experience in salon line .hairstylists nd beauty plzz suggest me .i can aply bt i have no knowledge
Comment from : Arsh Noor

Arsh Noor
Merry Christmas maim
Comment from : Arsh Noor

jerin antony
Hello, is there any benefits for getting an Austrian blue card compared to a red white red card? Which one is easier to get for a Non-EU citizen ?
Comment from : jerin antony

Vishal Malhotra
Hi, I am from India. I have a GF(slovak) who stays in Austria since 12 years. She was married to Austrian Citizen and has 10 years old daughter from him. If I marry her, will I get citizenship of Austria??
Comment from : Vishal Malhotra

Survivalist Nomad
What's the best website to find an apartment in Vienna?
Comment from : Survivalist Nomad

Survivalist Nomad
What's required to move to Austria and live there as an American retiree?
Comment from : Survivalist Nomad

Romaneiro Romaneiro
You are so beautiful and positive! But unfortunately subtitles created on German automatically, and i don t can switch it on English translate. My English is not advanced, and subtitles would help me)
Comment from : Romaneiro Romaneiro

amit bajaj
Can you make a video about the difference between Austria Red white Red card vs plus card or blue card ?
Comment from : amit bajaj

Mitun Mia
I'm from Bangladesh but work in Malaysia. So i want to move in austra as a cleaner or construction worker. in this case, how can i get a work permit visa for Austria.
Comment from : Mitun Mia

Luhar Ayaz
Can we become PR in austria after study????if yes how??no ,so why??
Comment from : Luhar Ayaz

soniya diba
Can spouse can work in austria??
Comment from : soniya diba

Meena Mee
hi boundaryless I'm from Nepal n I'm coming malta for work can i come to after Malta to work in Austria
Comment from : Meena Mee

Saqlain Afzal
Hi. Thxz for video. I m interested in job in austria. I m from pakistan. Thxs
Comment from : Saqlain Afzal

Nwankwoluke Chibueze
how can I get work from Australia from Nigeria
Comment from : Nwankwoluke Chibueze

Sourabh Parti
How i get Austria Visa ?
Comment from : Sourabh Parti

Vidiot Box
I want to start my company office anywhere in EU
Comment from : Vidiot Box

Rahul Kumar
I'm fashion Photographer from India and Is there a job for a fashion photographer in Austria
Comment from : Rahul Kumar

Erick Taka
HI , Thank you for your information on your Channel . i want to know is red white red card holder allowed to go back to their original country (non EU nation) for a holiday trip ?
Comment from : Erick Taka

Fuck that! even with a visa I'm not letting them in my country.
Comment from : Aslavicdudewithvodka

4353,subscribed ✅pls subscribe our channel
Comment from : Gaps

Ann Abel
I m a commerce post graduate from india.can I get work visa there?
Comment from : Ann Abel

Serhat Teoman
Can I get a job if I graduated from polish university?My degree is İT
Comment from : Serhat Teoman

Vikram Mane
I want help
Comment from : Vikram Mane

nn roh
Hi, I have a job offer from Austria, I have many questions to ask, can you please give your email?
Comment from : nn roh

Usman Ghani
Hello send me your whataap some info autria visa
Comment from : Usman Ghani

Orbis Hotel
How can i got work in austria , from india
Comment from : Orbis Hotel

Ravikant Sharma
Hey dear. I livebin Saudi Arabia in last 6 year's I m working in construction company . I m doing maintenance service all types of truck car's and heavy equipment. If have this types of job so please replying me in my email. [email protected]
Comment from : Ravikant Sharma

Shafeeque st
Commerce gratuate get job seeker visa
Comment from : Shafeeque st

Muddasar Shaikh
Can I have your email id?
Comment from : Muddasar Shaikh

Karamjit Singh
I live in india i want work parmit
Comment from : Karamjit Singh

Bashar Baarho
Hi .. I want to migrate to Europe but I do not know how and what I am doing now in Lebanon and I can not understand your words because I use the translator ..
Comment from : Bashar Baarho

Parwinder Singh Dhillon
I live in India . I want to work in Austria. Can you help me? What should a job be done?
Comment from : Parwinder Singh Dhillon

کامران علی
How much score required to get work visa... I'm MBA in marketing and having 4.5 years experience in banking sector. Currently working as a branch manager in Pakistan... It's really helpful if you have Whatsapp group or reply to this comment... As video is quite helpful...
Comment from : کامران علی

Another Truth to the world....You are a blessing to the world
Comment from : ROLAND WIREDU

Taky Dean
I wanna know is the language is necessary to move in Austria like i need to have A1?
Comment from : Taky Dean

Emin A.
Hi BoundaryLess ,

I would like to know what are my chances to move to Austria if Im from Bosnia and Herzegovina Non-EU.
Got my B.Sc.in Architecture in 2014 and have 4 years of work related experience. Now I am planning to get some international work experience. The job doesnt have to be strictly in the Architecture fields, I can also opt for Civil Engineer, Draftsman, Product/Manufacturing Design so my skills are highly transferable. My goal is also to study for Masters Degree maybe a university can help me get a student job. All in all I am a highly motivated person and take any job very serious. I would like to ask for your help any kind since I am in a real hurry financially.

P.S. Keep up with the vids because you are really really helping us out there to find our next home. Lots of love to you.

Comment from : Emin A.

Thank you so much.I was worried about this question.Thank you.
Comment from : Engin YILDIRIM

gabby monster
Hi...good day and i hope you answear my question..please?.im from philippines and i work to in austria but i dont what requirements i need to do for it..pleased?.
Comment from : gabby monster

Mukesh bhandari
Can you tell me what need document for india
Comment from : Mukesh bhandari

I love my job as electrician but it's almost impossible to find foreign work in this area, because it's so protected by local laws. Ever heard of a foreigner being hired as electrician?
Comment from : FeelingShred

Nikola gaming155
Great video ❤
I have work Visa for Austria but I want to know can I work also in germany or in Netherlands with work visa I dont have austria passport

Comment from : Nikola gaming155

Bharat Shrestha
Hi good morning, I am forming Nepal I am working in Dubai as a security job seems 5yrs. till date running. this time also I am a worker. I would like to apply in Austria for work. shall you help me how can I apply?
Comment from : Bharat Shrestha

Lokman Hakim
Excellent informative video...I can not but subscribe it..thanks for sharing... With us
Comment from : Lokman Hakim

Gaurav Kohli
Hello, while I watch this video of yours, Kudos for information and Danke. May I get your email id? I would like to send you my candidature for you to evaluate my case and if possible provide with guidance.
Good Going for the channel work. My email id is [email protected]

Comment from : Gaurav Kohli

Sukh purewal
Hello i need ur help ... if i marry austrian girl thn in how much i will get citizenship ??
Comment from : Sukh purewal

pinda Alle
Nyc video😊
Comment from : pinda Alle

Olajumoke olaemi Olaemi
How to get visa Austra
Comment from : Olajumoke olaemi Olaemi

Shunti Sharma
A am intrested in Austria
Please call me +91 9914461286

Comment from : Shunti Sharma

Subscribe please
Can you help me please, im from albania and only elementary school, what are the chances for me to work and live in Austria. ? I want to live there.. its my dream.!
Comment from : Subscribe please

ben hassan
Please i want your email please
Comment from : ben hassan

Fati Fati
Hello thanks for this great information will I'm from Morocco and I have my Aunty lives in Austria and she have the nationality Austrian and me I was ther 2 time ago visa tourism and I would like to have the right way to have a contract job from ther thanks
Comment from : Fati Fati

Kalpesh Dave
man im tiny wood inter diggaynar conteak +918390509747
Comment from : Kalpesh Dave

Qasim Nadeem
hi nice video
Comment from : Qasim Nadeem

News Knowledge
plese contact my whatsup i need austria job
Comment from : News Knowledge

News Knowledge
i am working house keeping
Comment from : News Knowledge

News Knowledge
hello madam i want job in austria my whatsup number is +918146277061 i am india plese plese i am working in uae
Comment from : News Knowledge

I was in Obertauern before few days. It's awesome. Austria is very beautiful country. Any job for me in austria? I know very little of german language but i have strong wish to learn it. I am excellent with English language. I am finished high school for construction tehnican. I wolud do anything. I have only Bosnian passport and before half year i handed over to the serbian citizenship and passport. If somebody want help me please leave a comment. Greetings from Serbs from Bosnia. 🖐️🖐️🖐️
Comment from : 333sinisa

Harshad Patel
Comment from : Harshad Patel

Sandhu Erik
I have 5 year's experience in milk plants as a machine operator can i get visa guide me
Comment from : Sandhu Erik

Amroze Raza
And kindly just make a video auto mobile industry
Comment from : Amroze Raza

Amroze Raza
Hi beautyfull. Im from pakistan kindly find job for me company like auto mobile. Beacuse i have experience 10 years wiring harness .... i dont no how to apply . Any country European Australian canada any one .... [email protected]
Comment from : Amroze Raza

NO! none of you should go to Austria, especially if you're not even European. Austria is not asking you to go there, so why should you? What is so special about you to make you think that Austria needs you?
Comment from : tossit2emraw

Same to you, happy merry Christmas, have a great fun and joy, wishing you great joy.
Comment from : SYED AQEEL SHAH

Ahmed Yassin
Hallo, I really want to thank you for your informative videos. My question is: does the six months of the job seeking visa begins from the date of issuance or from the first day I land in Austria?
Because I have been told that they start counting down from the date of issuance. Thanks again

Comment from : Ahmed Yassin

Brooklyn Paige
I’ve heard of some people (Americans specifically) “moving” to Europe for 3 months just to see if they can find a job and going from there (obviously going home if they don’t get a sponsor) how likely do you think this is in finding a job? I’m not sure what I want to do yet, but I will have a bachelors degree in German with a minor in international studies in a few years and I really want to move to Germany of Austria. I’m thinking of getting my teaching English as a second language certification or maybe doing my masters degree in Austria since it’s so much more affordable than the USA and I’d like to live there anyway, but I’m not entirely sure yet if that’s 100% what I’d like to do. I’m also a little bit concerned that I could possibly struggle finding a job since I am disabled and use a wheelchair. Any thoughts or tips on this?
Comment from : Brooklyn Paige

Frohe Weihnacten....!!   I think...if I wanted to move to Austria, I might give H. Rossacher a call. He could pull a few strings and get me in there really fast....:) As for as immigrating to the US, it's easy.....just cross the southern border illegally, get caught by border patrol and claim asylum. Then they release you in the country with a court date like a year later (which you don't show up for) Then you sign up for food stamps, section 8 housing vouchers,  welfare, free medical care, and numerous other benefits. Then get a job that the employer will pay you cash so you don't have to pay income taxes. This is going on in the US right now...it's pathetic. President Trump is trying to put a stop to it......but the Democrats like this because they all end up voting for them.. Our country is going through some trials and tribulations right now....:(
Comment from : immobilien

Chandima Madhusanka
I'm a university student currently having temporary residence in Latvia.Please tell me how to get work visa in Austria.I can easily move to Austria from Latvia but I don't how to get a work permit or job visa Austria.If you can tell us how to find a job in Austria or how to apply and what are the useful websites to find jobs in Austria for non European citizen like us , I will be much appreciate.I like your youtube channel and keep it up.
Comment from : Chandima Madhusanka

Comment from : Mat

Hasan Khaleel
Thanks for the useful information. I got a job seeker visa and I want videos that talk about how to find a job in Austria. How to start in Austria?
Comment from : Hasan Khaleel

A.J. Bregan
Thank you for answering my question! It was very helpful, indeed.
I have a degree in biotechnology and 8 year experience in the pharmaceutical industry + additional skills. I've also started learning german, so I hope that makes me more competitive in the job market. The information in this video will help me in devising a better strategy. Thank you again :)

P.S. My name is Aleksandar Jovanov. It felt so weird having my question read as an anonymous comment :P

Comment from : A.J. Bregan

Marco Mili
This has been super helpful! Thanks!
Comment from : Marco Mili

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