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Tahir Hussan
Comment from : Tahir Hussan

sharon stacy
I'm from UAE but now based in US,I came to America last year all thanks to the assistant of this legit immigration lawyer who provided me with all the necessary documents needed for my visa just within 1month.I got his contact.WhatsApp:+1(412)329-8388
Comment from : sharon stacy

Julieth Lena
I'm from UAE but now based on Canada,I got my Canadian visa last year 2019 all thanks to this legit immigration lawyer who did all the necessary paper works and provided me with my visa just within 2months.I got his contact:whatsapp;+1(412)329-8388
Comment from : Julieth Lena

A.A .U
It's a very helpful video for understanding rules, Dubai should make like these videos for people understand easily, and sharing with a good platform like KT & GN because people watching every day so thank you Dubai police officers
Comment from : A.A .U

اسلام.علیک یا عربستان
با ویزا بی ویزا دوست داریم با خلیفه شیخ محمد اسد امارات انا عجم ایران جلال میاهی
Comment from : اسلام.علیک یا عربستان

خالد الحربي
غريبه ماعندكم موظفين مواطنين
Comment from : خالد الحربي


Doha is much better for transit flights. Airport staff is friendly and helpful.
Comment from : pakstar27

Sk Yasin
Mere ko password karna hai aap ka phone number dijiye
Comment from : Sk Yasin

Sk Yasin
Comment from : Sk Yasin

dilip dilip
Name dilip age 24 hit 5,6 weight 45 City panchmahal Gujarat India Phone number 7567621753
Comment from : dilip dilip

Soraya Muray
IMPORTANT TO MIGRANTS. Just type ROYAL EXPEDITE NETWORK on google. they helped me a lot.
Comment from : Soraya Muray

Sanette Borde
Hello please I want to live and working in Dubai
Comment from : Sanette Borde

Comment from : KANNU

Harmeet Kaur
How to apply Dubai sticer Visa ??
Comment from : Harmeet Kaur

9592732781 sodhi
Comment from : 9592732781 sodhi

Suab159 Suab
Comment from : Suab159 Suab

Rohan Mondal
Good luck job apply halper UAE
Comment from : Rohan Mondal

I like their system... Good system,. Good people..
Comment from : SAF FAS

Faisal Mohseni
Thank you so mush
Comment from : Faisal Mohseni

gost rider
Dubai Visa Available

Freelance Visa and partner visa both available

NOC Provided
Best prices available
Contact now
(+971505042472 )

Comment from : gost rider

Mirza Yaseen
03163841958 call
Comment from : Mirza Yaseen

Ali Khan
how to check Singapore work visa is genuine or no sir
Comment from : Ali Khan

MD kawser kawsar
Comment from : MD kawser kawsar

Noman Urdu Tv
Comment from : Noman Urdu Tv

Hana Ah
0521034550 WhatsApp number help me please
Comment from : Hana Ah

Hana Ah
I love Dubai ❤❤❤❤
Comment from : Hana Ah

Hana Ah
0521034550 my phone number help me please
Comment from : Hana Ah

Suzy Powell
i got my Passport last night Call/ Text+1(414) 386-3235 Email
([email protected]), WhatsApp +971561548766

Comment from : Suzy Powell

Hfataullah Arkane
Comment from : Hfataullah Arkane

Abhal Belai
Comment from : Abhal Belai

Mohasin Mohasin
Thanks you
Comment from : Mohasin Mohasin

Sonu Ansari
Satdaun ka kam hai 7564918929
Comment from : Sonu Ansari

Imran Ness
I love Dubai plz give me visa
Comment from : Imran Ness

family visa services available call / whatsapp 054 574 4126
Comment from : LITTLE MY HEART

اسلام.علیک یا عربستان
سلام درود خدا بر دبی دوست داریم از کشور ایران
Comment from : اسلام.علیک یا عربستان

Fassen M
I had a fake visa, and with that visa I entered UAE multiple times. Hahaha
Comment from : Fassen M

Eddy Chung
Why i am watching this? 😂😂🤦‍♂️ If we are Visa free
Anyway i can afford to travel there since that is not my type of place to visit
There's nothing to offer to poor peoples

Comment from : Eddy Chung

Hanif Sabaliya
8239310082 hii
Comment from : Hanif Sabaliya

MZ Cars Review
how to get empolyment vise what fees ?
Comment from : MZ Cars Review

Kistin Kistin
Their I'd passport I'd are been made just in 48hrs by me as a buyer this vendor is legit just contact them on Whatsapp +12133571528 for any pepper work
Comment from : Kistin Kistin

Rustum Ali
Comment from : Rustum Ali

MD. RAju shah
How to visa download by passport number
Comment from : MD. RAju shah

Emenes Tilla lela
I got my passport and a 3yr Canada work visa from this legit vendor through watsapp +1 (804) 214-6085. They are legit as it worked
Comment from : Emenes Tilla lela

Tribhuwan saw
Kuwait ka visa mujhe bhi chahiye contact number9810986425
Comment from : Tribhuwan saw

Weed Man
Thanks to everyone who recommended me to this legit vendor, I just got my fake I’d from this legit guy yesterday contact him through this number if u need yours in 48 hours Call/Text , +1(424) 226-2134, WhatsApp+1 (646) 585-6230
Comment from : Weed Man

Now, only UAE based airlines issue tourist visa for Dubai.
Comment from : J R

اسلام.علیک یا عربستان
سلام درود خدا بر دبی سلام درود خدا بر خلیفه دبی شیخ محمد خدا رحمت کند شیخ زاید انا عجم هندسه ایران جلال میاهی ویزا یا اقامه دایم جهت ایرانی موجود شکرا احبک شیخ محمد
Comment from : اسلام.علیک یا عربستان

Mohammad Eyas
Dubai haraami sheikh khalifa
Comment from : Mohammad Eyas

Kill Young Lee
Please be careful of bpgus web sites,as you apply e-visa for Australia.they charge USD100 instead of AUD20,
Comment from : Kill Young Lee

manaf shaibu
thanks god for belssing all pepoles as need helping for boing as rigt ...Thanks Allah as blessing pepole BIrth Certificate or vote Id card as fising using it for get bunessing or seve for all world works as done ...manaf shaibu asolifodle so my banks name Ecobank Moneygram Westes uionu %ManafAsolifodle Ecobank moneygram westen uoiner all the bank barkeing and done it bulle fisting it using ATM machnes for me All world Premier League and youtube work wach it on all world tv so westArsenal am going playing in Ecobank or moneygram or westen uoiner Same as Wolves and world Oil as playing and using my cars ...All world using new money done as right @Ga Language African Ghana at Madina down on me
Comment from : manaf shaibu

Haritha Telugu
Comment from : Haritha Telugu

Abdallah Libyan
I want to have a work over there, and I am Nigerian 034986744
Comment from : Abdallah Libyan

Need Canada visa place. gms 0096897041477
Comment from : MD SHOHAG AHMMED

l need Canada visa place
Comment from : MD SHOHAG AHMMED

mdziauddin zahid
Thank you khaleej times
Comment from : mdziauddin zahid

amare veira
lam needed the visa America so that how money to be buyed the visa America
Comment from : amare veira

Eric komi Amegavi
Good but i want to know if is possible To get another visa eg: Europe if your in UEA ?
Comment from : Eric komi Amegavi

Aurelien Keutsa
I have problem with m'y visa .my company make me 2 visa with diferent picture me i Cameroonian 0543047793
Comment from : Aurelien Keutsa

Sir please job uae

William Brook
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Comment from : William Brook

Zulfiqar Khan
Comment from : Zulfiqar Khan

I am gautamsahani from India pls provide me visa, whatsApp no +91 9878035697
Comment from : GAUTAM SAHANI

Sahid Khan
Comment from : Sahid Khan

Sahid Khan
Comment from : Sahid Khan

اسلام.علیک یا عربستان
سلام درود خدا بر امارات انا ایران عجم احبک امارات جهت ادمه الحیاط فی دبی احتیاج ویزا مقیم سلام درود خدا بر شیخ محمد خلیفه خلیج عربی جلال میاهی ایران
Comment from : اسلام.علیک یا عربستان

Mirza Faiz Uddin Baig
Can u giv 1 residence visa to me im mirza faiz uddin pls reply.👍
Comment from : Mirza Faiz Uddin Baig

Md Irfan
Comment from : Md Irfan

Ismail Khan
Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 great dubai
Comment from : Ismail Khan

Shibinjeevan Jeevan
How to cancel uae visa from India? Is it possible?
Comment from : Shibinjeevan Jeevan

Fawad Ahmed
How to find out if ani of ur visa is real?
Comment from : Fawad Ahmed

Sarina Estk
This country you must once in your life to visit it. Its a totally different world. The sense comes in life.
Comment from : Sarina Estk

A K Abid Travels
Comment from : A K Abid Travels

Single Life
Comment from : Single Life

Princess*Diana&BabySaeed Princess*Diana&BabySaeed
I have one question ? Does a USA citizen need a visa in order to enter UAE?
Comment from : Princess*Diana&BabySaeed Princess*Diana&BabySaeed

Ali Zarar
Fuck U and ur Dubai (a city made by slaves)
Comment from : Ali Zarar

Md kashem
Comment from : Md kashem

shamim osman
মাস আলাহ আতীয় লোক আছে ভবিষ্যতে যে কোন ভাবে আমেরিকা যাবো আমি ইনশালাশ
Comment from : shamim osman

tu Gu
Get your passport drivers license and I'd cards call text or whatsapp +17202487549
Comment from : tu Gu

I love dubai💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

I love dubai💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Sahil Khan
7733972997 nadeem
Comment from : Sahil Khan

Md Amir
Comment from : Md Amir

Jamshed Jj
I want to live and work over there so please suggest me to company who hire employees.
Comment from : Jamshed Jj

Ayaz Khan
dubai balik lest khatm karo
Comment from : Ayaz Khan

Raj K.
Good afternoon one person 2015 red signal crossing heavy truck say dubai no entry how checking any idea please
Comment from : Raj K.

Subedi Bhim
How to apply visa company please sir any idea
Comment from : Subedi Bhim

Waseem Ansari
Comment from : Waseem Ansari

Waseem Ansari
Comment from : Waseem Ansari

Shibchar officials channel
Nice video
Comment from : Shibchar officials channel

Nevis vlogs
How to can employ visa. Company carries
Comment from : Nevis vlogs

god bless
UAE economycwhole is less than Bombay economy. A kid in front of Bombay
Comment from : god bless

Sahar Gul
Sahar Gul
Comment from : Sahar Gul

sultanahmad ranjha
If any body have low profession in Dubai then I can give you visa then you can pay .
For more detail call and what’s app 055 5800104

Comment from : sultanahmad ranjha

Haja Bangs
How to Apply for visa
Comment from : Haja Bangs

Jasskirat Kaur
Comment from : Jasskirat Kaur

Amir Alikhan
Comment from : Amir Alikhan

TruckThermoking unit
Comment from : TruckThermoking unit

Manik Ahmed Manik
I am so grateful to your valuable PCC information
Comment from : Manik Ahmed Manik

Imtiaz Ali
Dubi good canttry
Comment from : Imtiaz Ali

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